It is the time of the year again - the holiday season is here! Are you having a tough time picking the perfect entertainment to have for your event? Did you know you can bring Virtual Reality (VR) experience booth to your party now? Look no further, this is the perfect place to book your VR booth. Check out our previous pop-up event and see it for yourself! Contact us for details or get a quote!


Vancouver's First Virtual Reality Pop-Up Event 2016 - Promo Video



It’s a nice experience when playing the zombie and the lab game! The zombie game is very interesting for me! I never tried this kind real game that you can feel the zombie is just around you but you have to focus to search when they comes out! I was very afraid even though I know my son is just on the sofa and talks his baby talk to me but I was in the game killing the zombie! I remembered that I have to talk all the time because I was too nervous!
It was really fun experience that I would recommend to everyone of my friends!!
— Janette Chen
The session at Dwor was definitely a fun and eye-opening experience. A group of us had so much fun with lots of laughters, screaming ( the zombie game) and “wow”. We got to know the possibilities of what the technology can bring to our world. Most importantly, Dwor professionally introduce the VR world to us. We would love to participate in another Dwor’s event!
— Tiffany Tsao
It was an amazing and unique experience! To be able to immerse yourself in this new type of technology is truly a rare opportunity!
— Angela Yen
Had a lovely time! Ruby and Cedric are wonderful hosts. They have a great little setup at their studio that makes it easy for VR newbies like myself to try. Would definitely come back!
— Christian Lai
I really enjoyed the VR experience. It’s fun being the player, but it’s also pretty entertaining watching your friend play :D My favourite “game” is probably Tilt Brush- I mean, when else do you get to paint in 3D? 10/10 would recommend!
— Sherry Lu


The Lab (mini games & experiences)


There's still more to come! Stay tuned!

Pop-up event RATES & PRICING

Plan A: $60 for 1 hour of 1 VR booth

Plan B: $90 for 1.5 hours of 1 VR booth

Plan C: $115 for 2 hours of 1 VR booth

Plan D: $30 for 1/2 hour of 1 VR booth
(great option for multiplayer games if you want a booth to yourself)


5% GST included.

Booth availability is limited. Book yours early!


Bring your friends! Share the fun, share the costs. 

1 VR booth is best for parties of 4 or less so you get more playtime. Remember, there is 1 machine per booth.

Parties of 5+ are required to book Plan C or you can book 2 booths for 1 hour, less wait time. Simply put in the # of quantity you need when you book.

Multiplayer games: it is best that you choose Plan A or D. Say if you have 3 people in the group, book 3 of the Plan A or Plan D. This way everyone gets a booth of your own and you can play multiplayer games at the same time together.

For parties of 12+, we recommend to book 3 VR booths for 1 hour or you can choose 1 booth with more hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is DWOR?

DWOR is pronounced /dôr/ like door. We want DWOR to be like a door, a portal for users to enter another world. It comes from the idea of "Duo world" / "Digital world". Fun fact: dwor (dwór) in Polish also means manor house, which is the main residence of the lord of the manor.
  • Why should I book DWOR's VR booth for my event?

The answer is simple. It is fun and it will be one of the highlights of your event! You and your guests get to explore and experience VR together, whether it's single-player games or multiplayer games. Our goal is to introduce VR gaming / experiences to more people and help the VR industry to grow and expand. 
  • What VR console do you use?

After trying out most of the devices available out there, we decided to go with HTC Vive for now. We plan to add other VR platforms in the future so you can try them all in one place.
  • Do you have zombie games?

Yes we do! We have a scary version and a cute version. Come and check them out!

  • Are the zombie games scary?

It can be scary at first. Come and try the game to find out yourself.

  • I don't really play video games, is VR gaming for me?

Absolutely 100%! There is more to VR than just gaming. It is about the whole virtual reality experience. Our VR guides will take you through a short demo to prepare you for the fun.
  • Can I play with my glasses?

Yes you can! Although contact lenses are recommended, you can easily wear the headset over your glasses to play. 
  • Do I get to see what my friend is playing?

Yes! Each VR booth has a TV screen for you to see what your friend is doing in VR.
  • I get motion sickness easily, is VR suitable for me?

Most of the games are really well made and for those who get motion sickness easily can play. And of course, we recommend you to take breaks, keep hydrated, and enjoy VR!
  • I have other questions but I don't see them here, how do I contact you?

Please contact us here: hello@dwor.ca

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 Come to DWOR and receive 25% discount off of your purchases at Sumo Lounge

Come to DWOR and receive 25% discount off of your purchases at Sumo Lounge